Increase efficiency in your practice

Increase efficiency in your practice

Do you have to deal with patients who cancel last minute or simply do not show up? Traditional solutions such as penalty systems or prepayments often prove ineffective for this ongoing problem.

Thanks to our intelligent system, over 85% of open appointments are filled without a single phone call.

TurnUp not only provides a solution to this problem but also increases revenue, improves efficiency, and ensures higher patient satisfaction.

Find out how TurnUp can optimize your practice and reduce problems with no-shows. Contact us today.

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TurnUp unburdens your front desk staff

TurnUp unburdens your front desk staff

Calling around without success, leaving behind voicemails, being called back for a slot that has since been taken. The main frustrations of every front desk employee. More than 95% of front desk workers recommend TurnUp.

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How does it work?

In just a few clicks, you can create and send out a last-minute to patients on the waiting list.

Find out how in 3 simple steps.


Someone has cancelled their appointment and there is now a free slot in your diary. No problem! Open the TurnUp web application where your waiting list is registered.


Create a last-minute.

You can filter patients by calcht, appointment duration, their availability...


A text message is sent to eligible patients to take the last-minute.

The first to click on the link and fill the form has taken the appointment.

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